The 10th Edition of The Book: Top 40 Research spans almost 70 years of Top 40 Charts in Australia (1950-2018) presented in three cross-referenced sections, Alpha by Artists (including predictions) and Alpha by Song Titles and Chronological by Chart Entry.

As well as boasting even more biographical information and life spans of those artists that have gone to rock and roll heaven, the Book now includes listings for predictions - songs that peaked between 41 and 60, and those that peaked lower but are notable in music history.

Like all editions before the 10th, all information from previous editions will be incorporated with the last four years of charts, and as an added bonus information from 1950 to 1955 is included. This means that every vital piece of chart information is at your fingertips in ONE volume only, not fractured across several books, making the 10th Edition once again great value for money.


10th Edition 1950-2018

Released 2 April 2020

Limited edition of 500 copies

There are 126 copies of The Book left for sale.

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Latest News!!!

24/1/21 - Thanks to the following friends of The Book - Peter Criddle, Jim Ottaway, Morris Cicogna, Herman Nieuwenburg and Brent James. We appreciate your assistance in providing additional information and proof reading, helping to make the Book even more complete.

27/11/20 - We now have only 150 Books left out of the 500 we started with in April, so if you were thinking about grabbing a copy now is the time before they are all gone.

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